Homeopathic remedies for Cold Weather

Aconite is often prescribed when you have a barking cough, a burning sore throat, and a bitter taste that lingers in your mouth.

Allium cepa is often prescribed when your runny nose feels as though it burns, your eyes water constantly, and you sneeze often. This is homeopathic red onion. It is recommended if your cold makes you feel even worse than you do when you are chopping a strong onion.

Arsenicum album is indicated If you feel chilly, restless, and weak. ( 30x or 9c.) This remedy is for the individual who, feels worse in a cold room but wants something cold to drink. You probably have a red nose and runny nasal secretions that burn the nose and upper lip. You generally want to be left alone, but like a bit of attention every once in a while.

Belladonna is called for if there is high fever and a headache.

Bryonia is indicated when the cold has moved into the chest and has become largely a cough.

Dulcamara is indicated for cold when you are opinionated and uptight and shows the following specific symptoms:

Brought on by weather changing from hot to cold
Profuse, watery discharge from nose and eyes
Aggravation from catching a cold
Also gets conjunctivitis, diarrhea, cystitis, lower-back pain
Hay fever, especially at the end of summer or in fall.
Nasal discharge worse in warm room